Writing Tips

Making the Cut

It’s back to editing, or well, it will be once I actually open up my document. So let’s talk about what gets cut and what doesn’t.

I’m still working on rewriting my NaNo ’16. It turned out terribly, so there’s a lot of work to do. In the beginning I was going to focus on a total rewrite, but as time has gone by, I’ve kept a lot more than I thought I would. Instead, I’ve rewritten a lot of the scenes to work better and actually contribute to a plot (but let’s be real, it’s going to need another edit after this one). So what’s made the cut?

Well, considering I changed the romance mid-novel, not a lot of the early stuff made it. I decided to refocus some of the supporting relationships, attempt to give them more depth. Also, I’m still attempting to figure out the plot.

Seems crazy considering I’m in the middle of a rewrite and I’m still not sure of the plot? It’s harder than you think sometimes, figuring out who is really the bad guy and why they are the bad guy, figuring out all the relationships and how important each one is to the protagonist. Not as simple as a few line edits.

Bottom line is there’s a long way to go. A lot more to cut, and largely, add. Adding is the biggest part, expanding. Then on edit number 2, we’ll go back and tighten things up. I’m not super looking forward to edit number 2, but I suppose I should just get through edit number one to start with. Then maybe we can move on.


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