Procrastination is my middle name

As I sat down to write this post, I was trying to think what to write about and I realized that I completely forgot about the novel I am supposed to be editing. I thought, “what am I working on right now?” Editing my NaNo novel (yes, still), except I haven’t worked on it for a month.

I keep meaning to work on it. I’ll do it for a day and then I forget about it completely. In my case, I worked on it for a day then had to go on a business trip, and a month later, I realized I haven’t even looked at it since. It’s been a busy month, all things considered.

But here’s where you have to decide. I’m kind of bored editing this book, but that’s to be expected. Editing sucks. I feel like it’s most certainly going to need a third edit/rewrite/whatever once I get this done. I am still committed to finishing (I think?). The problem is, the less motivated I am, the less likely I am to find time to do it.

I have a billion other projects to do that aren’t writing related and are honestly more interesting (or I could just be procrastinating).

I know that Camp NaNo is going on right now, but I don’t usually participate. I tried one year, and I wrote maybe 3k words before I stopped. It’s just not the same as regular NaNo, and even that hasn’t been the same for a while.

I feel burned out, tired, idea-less. It hasn’t been a great year for me, just overall. Add to that, my 30th birthday is rapidly approaching, and while I know, logically, that 30 isn’t that old, I feel old. I’ve already started mentally referring to myself as being 30 even though my birthday isn’t for 2 months. Might as well just accept the inevitable. I know, I know. When I turn 40, I’ll be thinking I was crazy, like how I remember back when I turned 20 and thought that was old.

We are getting off the subject here. I really need to get going on this novel, but let’s face, I probably won’t.



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