A 6 Week Challenge

No, I’m not talking about writing (are you surprised? I’m not). I should be talking about writing, some six week challenge that would force me to actually edit for once and not just keep talking about doing it.

It is Camp NaNo after all, but no matter. The 6 week challenge I’m talking about is the One Room Challenge, a design challenge to redesign a room in your house in 6 weeks. I’m participating for the first time ever, so my head is filled with paint colors, budgeting, and math angles. You can read about my One Room Challenge on my other blog. That’s what I’ve been working on.

But we can talk about deadlines here instead! Deadlines are both a blessing and a curse in my opinion. They force me to get things done (sometimes, depending on the consequences), but they also stress me out. I apparently have severe anxiety, which would explain why I’m always worried about everything, and deadlines certainly don’t help.

On the other hand, without deadlines, I’m far less likely to get anything done. I’ll just procrastinate it forever, then forget about it, then feel bad about it. It’s a big cycle really.

Well, I’ve only got 4 weeks left on my challenge, so maybe then I’ll stop procrastinating actually editing my novel. Hah, wishful thinking.


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