Four Cats & a Funeral

I can’t say this month has been a good month, and it’s gone by faster than I expected because here we are, almost over, and I haven’t posted a single thing.

Earlier this month, I went to my first funeral. People are surprised when I say that, but most of the people I’ve known who have died, I have either not been close to them, or there wasn’t a funeral to attend, or I was too far away to go. So this was my first.

Funerals aren’t fun. You think you’re okay but then they start talking about the person and you realize you’re never going to see them again or talk to them. And, well, it gets depressing.

We said goodbye to my grandmother, who lived to be a ripe old age of 93. And to keep the good news coming, my mother informed me the other day that they had to put down one of our cats, Vegas, who had become sick. He also lived to a ripe old age of 14. He came to us from an alley, a feral kitten who was pure white and deaf as a doorknob. To make up for his deafness, he was utterly fearless–sleeping in the middle of the street, careless about vacuum cleaners and dogs. He was also extremely vocal, often meowing at the top of his lungs for no reason.

We thought he was a girl for the first six months of his life. Luckily, we’d chosen a non-gendered name to go with him.

As a kid, we had lots of cats. Most of them tended to disappear after a few years (we suspect owls got them), but Vegas (and our two other cats still holding on after 15 years, Cricket and Lottie) survived three states and multiple houses. I was always surprised he made it this far.

Since moving to New Mexico, I’ve since discovered I’m less of a dog person than I once thought. I’ve been here almost five years, and as soon as I moved down, my sister decided we should get a cat (I was living with her at the time). It just happened to be Free Adoption Month at the local shelter so we went down to look at the cats. They had plenty to choose from and we ended up with a soft little brown tabby.

I’ve had Tiga almost five years now. Though she was supposed to be a family cat, she ended up being mine in the long run, so I took her with me when I bought my own house.


I’m thinking Tiga’s going to live a long time, since she’s an indoor cat only. I’ve often thought of getting another cat. In fact, I spend lots of time looking at the shelter’s facebook page and ooh-ing over cute kittens. But Tiga doesn’t like other cats (or dogs for that matter). So I wait. Maybe someday. For now, I have her and that’s enough.



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