Happy Happy Birthday

Guess what? It’s my birthday.


Yeah, that’s right. I’m 30. OMG. I’m no longer in my 20s. Can I cry now?

No? Okay.

So I’m 30. It’s okay (I’ll just keep telling myself that). I don’t feel like I’m mature enough to be in my 30s, but well, life goes on. I remember turning 20 and thinking I was so old then. How naive I was. Just a babe.

Now that I have entered the third (or wait, is it 4th?) decade of my life, I still don’t have a plan. So, um, shall we come up with some goals for the next 10 years?


  1. Travel to New Zealand/Australia
  2. Finally go to Greece
  3. Go back to France
  4. Publish two original novels
  5. Improve my gif-ing skills
  6. Become IEDC certified (I’m halfway there)
  7. Finally master making macarons

Ten year goals are super long-term. I can already say that if I had made this list at 20, there would have been totally different things on it. Probably it would have been: finish college, get another tattoo (hint, I did do those things). I was a totally different person then with completely different goals, if I had any at all.

So we’ll see what age 30 brings. Hopefully less death than 29 did. Then again, as you get older, it becomes more inevitable, doesn’t it?


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