Summertime in the City

It’s summer! Well, for people who get summer breaks, it’s probably nice. I just get hot weather. But summer usually means more time to write for some people.

In fact, way back when I started writing for real, it was the summer after high school and before college began. I had a ton of free time given that we’d just moved to Virginia and I knew absolutely no one. So I spent a lot of time in my room, listening to Weezer’s new album, Make BelieveĀ (I’m seriously dating myself here), and typing away.

I’ve improved a lot since then. But anyway. Here we are in summer again, a time for writing while it’s beautifully sunny out.

I always liked writing in summer, especially when you have nice cool air conditioning and can gaze out the window at the blistering sun.

Summer is the time to write about summer camps, camping, vacations, road trips, outdoor sports, picnics. Idk. I just like the feeling summer stories give me.

What? I should go outside and enjoy the weather, you say? No thanks. I’d rather read about paddle boating than stand in my hundred degree yard.

What are you favorite things to write about in summer? Let me know!


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