The Newest Writing Buddy

Well, I have certainly not kept up here. Do you even remember me? Probably not. Welcome to September. Okay, I suck at updating.

If you’re still with me, you may remember that I own a cat. She’s the basically the best cat ever, let’s be real.

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Finishing What You Start

This isn’t about writing, but I suppose it is in a roundabout sort of way. I have a problem. It’s a problem with finishing.

I’m gonna go a little not so sciency and say that I’m a Gemini (I know, everyone hates us). We can be flaky, indecisive, and have the attention span of a gnat at times. I am one of the lucky ones who is not flaky, but I am indecisive, anxious, and have a very short attention span. I get bored easily. My mood changes on a dime (but that could be my vitamin D deficiency). So I have a problem with finishing.

Sometimes, I feel like I have to finish everything before I move on to a new project, a new novel, a new something to do in the house. Case in point: I’ve been “remodeling” the guest bath for almost a year now. It’s is ~so close to being finished, and yet, it’s not. So did I finish? Um, well, actually, I started something new. But ask me if I’m going to start a new novel and I’ll tell you not until NaNo 16 is edited and done. IDK.

So my house is filled with half-finished projects, and my computer is full of half-finished novels. Someday I might get around to finishing them. I might not. I might get in a mood one weekend and do ten projects on my house to-do list. Or I might lay around all day watching Mad Men on Netflix and eating nachos.

I can’t be the only one with this problem. I wish I didn’t, but my ability to focus is not always where I’d like it to be. It’d be easier if I could just finish what I start. Isn’t that what people teach little kids? Don’t start something if you’re not going to finish it.

Well, I clearly didn’t learn my lesson as a child. I don’t like unfinished things, which is a problem, obviously. But I don’t know how to finish them half the time, so that leaves us in a conundrum. Well, maybe someday they’ll be finished. What haven’t you finished?