Short Stories

Here you will find short stories written and posted by me.

1. Bob&Rosy, rated G, posted 01/2011: Bob has one best friend, too bad no one understands that.

2. Where No One Knows My Name, rated G, posted 06/2011: He just wants to sit at his table staring at the two other empty chairs pushed up on the other sides, drinking his beer and hating the taste of it. He just wants to listen to the music, to songs he doesn’t know, lyrics he’s never heard before, the way the melody dips to something low and scraping against his skin.

3. Arizona Sunset, rated PG, posted 12/2011: Everyone had told Donovan that an Arizona sunset was not something to miss. They’d said it was the opulent blues, the deep-seated golds that soaked the skyline, dripping down behind shadowed Saguaros and barren Palo Verdes, their yellow flowers scattered around thorny trunks. They’d said it made the heat worth it, made you forget about the months gone by without rain.


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